Welcome to Wonderland

Thanks for stopping by the home of this unique documentary film about music and dance.

Welcome to Wonderland was created by an independent crew of Melbourne filmmakers, James Short & Clara Hornley, who felt a fire and passion to bring you a film and CD soundtrack that would hopefully rock you out of your seat!

This film is all about the people. It's not about a party; it's not about a DJ. Music and dance is where it's at!

Welcome to Wonderland takes you on a journey, into the thoughts and emotions of people. Why do you do what you do?

After more than six years in the making, this meticulously crafted DVD and CD Soundtrack package is ready for you. Get it delivered, turn it up and sit back and enjoy the Wonderland experience!

Thanks for your interest in Welcome to Wonderland.


"Inspired and inspiring! How many movies can you say that about? Everyone should definitely see this film!!!" - Brad Yelafella

"I think it would be fair to say that Welcome to Wonderland is a little left of field for a documentary. Our vision was to create a unique film that not only tells a story, but also shares an experience. Welcome to Wonderland is a film about the celebration of life that everyone can enjoy."- Director, James Short